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The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America
The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America

How to Create a Paperless Kitchen by Switching to Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are trendy, and a timeless piece of history. These towels can be used in a variety of ways. Many people are turning to them as an alternative to paper products, such as paper towels and napkins.

Having an eco-friendly home has become increasingly important in today’s world. Going green can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but today we are going to focus on making your kitchen paper free. This is an area that the whole family will visit each and every day, and it will have a big impact on your determination to go green and help the planet.

The Struggle

Typically, individuals go through a struggle before making the decision to go green. Why? This is due to the fact that it takes time and energy to go green. We tend to take the easy way out, and that is why we have so many conveniences in our lives.

Life is hectic, and the thought of adding more work is not appealing to most people. However, going green has a wealth of benefits and that can be enough to persuade someone to introduce eco-friendly living in their home. Plus, there are some really great ways to save money when utilizing a green lifestyle.

Let’s Talk Paper Towels

The kitchen is one of the germiest places in your home. Because of this, we are constantly cleaning up and disinfecting. It is really easy to get through a roll of paper towels in no time. Paper towels are not a cheap purchase because you are going to use them once and throw them away. Plus, you have to consider the amount of trash you sit out every week for your trash man, and then there is the trash bag cost that also needs to be factored in.

I can easily use a whole roll of paper towels when cleaning windows and other areas of my home. Those towels take up a lot of room in a trash can, which means you have to switch out the bag sooner than needs be.

Do You Need A Reason?

Like most people, you probably need someone to really convince you to say goodbye to paper products in your kitchen. Not only are you about to give back to the environment, you will also gain a lot of financial benefits for not wasting money on paper products. Why is going paper-free in your kitchen so difficult? Here are just some of the reasons, as well as solutions.


Reaching for a paper towel becomes a habit. Life is hectic and we often need to grab things when on the run. It is very easy to reach for a paper towel and go out the door. Habits that have been created for convenience sake are very hard to break.

Solution: Put a paperless system in place and be sure there are plenty of flour sack towels around. Having cloths at your disposal will ensure you have the convenience that you need when you need it the most. It's so easy to revert back to the old ways if you do not have a proper system in place.


Ok, who hasn’t heard their family state, “Where is the towel?” Many households refuse to go paper free because the towels are never where they should be when you need them the most. This makes sense, but there is an easy solution.

Solution: Everything should have a place. Once you make the decision to go paper free, devote an area where a basket of flour sack cloths can live. This will ensure that there is always a cloth around when it is needed. If they are readily accessible, no one in the family will be able to make an excuse.

Some Messes Require Paper

Not true. A lot of people think there are some messes that cannot be cleaned up with a cloth. The point is, you have never tried the right cloth if this is a fear in your mind.

Solution: Flour sack towels are the clear solution here because they have the ability to absorb liquids super fast and do not stain like other cloths. If there is a messy situation, you can always dispose of your old cloth. The point is, you use the same clothes over and over, but that does not mean that their life will never end. You will have to recycle them at some time or another.


Here’s a big one, many people worry about what their guest will think when they come into their home and there are no paper towels.

Solution: Let’s be honest, this is a silly fear, as most people would admire the fact that you took the time to put a paper free system in place. Your guest will be happy to use cloths to wipe their hands. Take pride in your decision, as you will inspire your guests to become paper free in their kitchen as well.

Organizing Your Flour Sack Towels

Like we said before, once you make the decision to go paper-free you have to be organized and ready. You must have enough cloths in place to last you for a week at a time. Use baskets to organize your cloths, so that they are accessible to everyone in the family.

Some keep a small basket under the sink where family members can easily dispose of the towel when it needs to be washed. Choose a day when you are going to wash your cloths, and do them all in one load. It really does not take that much extra effort. It only takes determination and will. If you have that, then you can easily switch out your paper towels and napkins with flour sack cloths.

Why Use Flour Sack Towels?

Not any old towel would be up for this task. You have to invest in a durable towel that will tackle all types of tasks. Flour sack towels have a load of benefits that are not seen with other cloths.

★ AbsorbentFlour sack towels are able to tackle large spills without any hesitation. Flour sack is a naturally thirsty material, and that is why they are ideal for cleaning jobs.

★ Large in size – You can make several cloths from one flour sack towel. They are very large and can be cut to any size you like. This allows you to cater towards your cleaning needs, as well as separate out which cloths are for which task.

★ Lint free – No one wants to deal with a towel that produces lint. These towels are designed to be around food, so they are safe to have in your kitchen.

★ Stain removal – Flour sack towels do not stain easily. Therefore, you can have cloths in your kitchen that look nice when guests do come around.

★ 100% cotton – You never have to worry about a flour sack towel causing irritation to the skin. It is a naturally soft material that is often used for diapering babies.

★ Machine wash and dry – These towels can be machine washed and dried, which makes your decision even easier. Cleaning them will not be a chore, as you can throw them in altogether and do a load once or twice a week. Depending on the number of cloths that you have and how many are used.

★ Durable – Flour sack cloths have a reputation of having a long life span. This means that your investment can be enjoyed for years to come.


Flour sack towels are very economical when it comes to pricing. In fact, here at Mary’s Flour Sack Towels, you have the potential to save a bundle. Buying in bulk will get you the best possible price, as well as help making your kitchen a paper free zone. The price of a flour sack towel is less than a paper towel roll. Therefore, you are making a wise financial decision when deciding on buying your towels from us.

The Decision is Yours

We have fed you with the knowledge of why you would want to go to a paper free kitchen. Now it's up to you to utilize the key points that we have outlined here. While there will be an adjustment period, having a paper free kitchen will give you and your family a lot of benefits. Plus, you will be doing something good for the environment.

We have come up with solutions to all the fears you may have about a paper free kitchen. Embrace this decision with open arms, and you may find yourself inspiring others to do the same. Flour sack towels are the best choice when it comes to choosing a cloth for your paper free kitchen. They are durable and up to the challenge of any task, you may use them for. Being prepared is the biggest part of having a paper free kitchen. Once your system is in place, it will be smooth sailing for the whole family. Have you gone paper free in your kitchen? If so, we would love to hear about your experience.

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