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Flour sacks have been around for centuries, and have been utilized in a variety of ways. In fact, these timeless treasures can be found in many homes and businesses all around the world. Flour sack kitchen towels are a home essential that provides a number of benefits. Mary's Kitchen Flour Sack Towels are pre-washed, 100% cotton and lint free. You can count on us when looking to purchase flour sack towels in bulk, as we work with a number of industries who utilize these types of towels for cleaning. Therefore, you are ensured the best price around.

Here at Mary's Kitchen Flour Sack Towels, we strive to provide you with a classic product that can be used in a variety of ways, while giving you numerous benefits. Our towels can easily be customized, which makes them a great gift giving option. Plus, we offer our products at a rate that cannot be beaten by our competitors. If you are looking for a place to buy wholesale flour sack towels, then we can help you out.  Shop the most absorbent flour sack tea towels and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


★ Size: 27" x 27". Professional machined hemmed edges give the towel a clean and simplistic look while ensuring quality is delivered. These towels are constructed with durability in mind.

★ Hanging loop on the corner for easy storage.

★ Constructed from 100% pure high-quality premium quality cotton.

★ Made for longevity and to quickly absorb the liquid.

★ Used within a home or business setting for drying, wiping or cleaning. Perfect solution for covering food, such as bread dough while it rises. Many individuals utilize them in crafting projects such as embroidery.

★ Safe to clean in a machine washer and dryer. All towels are pre-washed and preshrunk to help enhance its quality. Ideally, you should wash your towels before use, as this will improve their absorbency and help decrease the possibility of lint. Flour sack towels are resistant to shrinking and contain little to no lint.

    • Lint Free - Flour sack dish towels offer a lint free experience that is welcomed by those who are completing cleaning or cooking task. When using a towel to dry an object, you never want to worry about lint. Especially if that object is made of glass. Lint on your cooking utensils or glasses will not give your guest a great first impression. Designed with 100% cotton, Mary's Kitchen Flour Sack Towels can be used to complete any task around the home or kitchen. In fact, you will find these types of towels heavily utilized in the food industry.
    • Cleaning Made Easy - Flour sack dish cloths and towels are the perfect solution for spills, as they have the ability to quickly absorb. Plus, they can be machine washed and dried. This means that you never have to be without your Mary's Kitchen Flour Sack Tea Towels. They are naturally soft, so no fabric softener is needed to keep these towels looking and performing as they should.
    • Appealing - If you desire a minimalist look, then you came to the right place. Not only do these vintage kitchen towels take you back in time, they are also a future proof product. They will blend with any decor, as they have a clean and simplistic appeal. Customization is a possibility, which will only make your lint free flour sack towels even more unique and personable. Sayings, monograms or a logo are just a few possibilities when wanting to alter the appearance of your towel. However, they are a classic looking towel that is setting many futuristic trends.
    • Absorbent - These towels are constructed to last, as well as give an optimal performance when it comes to absorbing the liquid. Flour sack is a naturally thirsty material, which means it will quickly soak up any liquid it is introduced to. This is why so many utilize them in cooking and cleaning tasks, as these are jobs that require a cloth that absorb liquid quickly. In fact, some people even choose to use these cloths to dry their hair after a shower or bath.
    • All Natural Surface - You will find that many parents use flour sack towels to care for their babies and toddlers because they are gentle on their skin. Babies have very sensitive skin, and that is why you want to only use items that are soft and comforting. Our 100% pure cotton flour sack towels offer the softness that a child needs and wants.

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    Tea Towels Main Usage Areas


    When you are cleaning your home, you never want to leave behind lint. Our flour sack dish towels are the perfect solution. They will not let you down and can be used for a number of cleaning task, such as cleaning windows, dusting, drying dishes, removing stains and so much more. These lint free cloths are absorbent and soft, which will not cause streaking, scratches or lint when cleaning. They can be used to polish glassware, TV screens, chrome and much more.


    Quality flour sack towels are extremely popular in the food industry, because they are safe to use around food. They are used in individual kitchens all across the world, as well as large food corporations. Gourmet chefs swear by them. They can be used to proof bread, strain sauces, make cheese, dehydrate fruit, cover rising bread and washing veggies. These multipurpose towels are a great addition for any kitchen.


    Crafting can be a great way to customize your home decor. These blank flour sack tea towels can be used for craft projects, embroidery, needlework and any other creative crafts that you may have in mind. Perfect way to bring a personal touch to your home or to give as a present. You can add a monogram, a logo or name. The possibilities are endless.


    Flour sack towels can be used to keep bread and rolls warm while being served. They easily absorb liquid/steam, and do not allow bread to become soggy. They make an appealing lining for a plate of cookies, or to be used at the dinner table as a napkin.

    Baby & Toddlers

    Your baby's skin is sensitive and you want to be careful with the products that you introduce to it. White flour sack towels are the perfect solution for diapers, as they are durable and super absorbent. These clothes are soft to the touch, do not retain smells or stains. Also a great option for nursing or burping cloths.

    Household Chores

    Flour sack towels can be utilized in a variety of household chores, including drying dishes and preparing food. In fact, these towels have been utilized for centuries in kitchen and home task. They can easily polish glassware without leaving behind any lint. Our towels are favored by our customers because they are constructed from unbleached cotton, which provides you with an extra soft and absorbent cloth. Flour sack cloths offer endless possibilities when it comes to caring for your home.

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