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The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America
The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America

Best Flour Sack Towels Reviews, Questions & Answers

Based on 3354 reviews
Great product

I am using these towels for my daughters bridal shower. Guest will be able to embellish or write words of wisdom for the bride to be with fabric markers.

Consistent weave, great quality

I have been buying these kitchen towels for embroidery gifts for years. They remain my favorites. The consistent weave and quality of the fabric never fails to deliver.

Wholesale Flour Sack Towels Bulk 27"x 27" - 100% Cotton

Great towels

The towels from India are really nice, good quality, good weight. I would say 1/4 would pass for near perfect, the remaining had small spots, only one had a problem on hem. I'm using them for dying so they work well for my needs at a great price. Thanks so much!

Great towels

Found these on a kitchen staff recommendation board. I hadn’t heard of “flour sack” towels always had the kind you get from Kroger and the like. These are very different but in a good way. They clean up messes very easily, they work well for drying off a cutting board you just rinsed off, they work great to lay washed herbs to dry or pat down meat (they are simple white cotton so throw them in for a hot bleach wash and they’ll be perfect next time you grab it). I plan on buying a big stash of these so I can use them more haphazardly than normal towels. Highly recommend

They're nice...but...............

I only bought the gray because you didn't have the taupe. I really prefer the taupe to the gray. However I have bought white, natural, taupe, and black several times and they are always the very best for embroidering on. Please get some taupe!!

Great Towels

Our customers are always commenting on the quality of the cotton in the Fynniroo towels we make from these tea towels. Thanks.

Tea Towels Blank for Kitchen, 19"x28"

These are an awesome quality Tea Towel for an great price. Quick shipment as well. I am a repeat customer!


Great customer service. Great products!

Sample order

Samples look great. Quick delivery, too!

Great customer service

I didn’t like how it looked at first but I gave some suggestions and they sent examples back to me until I was satisfied. The final product looks wonderful.

We love these towels!

We have been ordering these towels for about 4 years now and selling them in our little beach shop. The quality is fantastic, the customer experience is wonderful and we just love the towels!!

Very nice towels

The quality appears to be good. I haven't had the opportunity to wash them yet. I feel that they will work well for my plans.

Excellent Quality

I have been on the hunt for a good price for natural tea towels for small bulk order. I was pleasantly surprised. The quality was good when I opened them. But I realized the quality was much better than I thought, once I washed them. They retained their shape, no loose threads and no hairy fibers transfer to dough. I will be back for more!

Memories brought to life!

The tea towel turned out perfectly. It looks great and the ordering process was so easy. The time frame from ordering to delivery was extremely reasonable.

Great Quality

These towels from India are fantastic. I bought the seconds option and find them to be just great. I've already given five away as gifts. I would say the price is extremely reasonable also. What a deal. I am so glad I found this on the internet and will definitely buy again. I really love giving these as gifts because I know they will be used and used and used for years to come.

Damaged in transit

I received these napkins last evening (not 14 days ago - per this email) and they were severely damaged in transit. The package arrived soaked in a gross oily substance. Obviously, this is the fault of the post office. I sent a separate email to your support team requesting an immediate replacement order - I just hope this time it doesn’t take two weeks to receive my order and that it arrives undamaged.

Always the best!

Great towels!

We use these for polishing glassware in our wine tasting room. Very absorbent and quick drying. Normal shrinkage after washing. They do wrinkle but heh, they are hand towels. Wish they came in black to hide red wine stains!

Pillow Covers

I just received my 1st order of pillow covers. I am very happy with the fabric weight and quality. The overall sewing is good as well. I will say the colors bleed/print a few shades off from original file, but overall the quality and craftsmanship is great and I would absolutely purchase again.

Beautiful pillow cases

Love them! Very well made and the size is perfect! Excellent quality

The best flour sack towels by miles and miles.

I have used just about every brand of flour sack towels, and these are amazing. Thick and well constructed, they dye beautifully.