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The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America

Wedding Tea Towels - Unique Personalized Wedding Invitation Gift Ideas

Wedding Tea Towels - Unique Personalized Wedding Invitation Gift Ideas

Of all the trends found in the wedding industry, tea towels are among the hottest ideas today. Personal, memorable, and useful, the decorative items replace standard invitations as a permanent solution to stationery needs. When a guest opens a wedding tea towel as an invitation or wedding favor, they're taken back by the item's detail and beauty.

It's certainly not what they expected to open or receive as a gift from you. That's what makes it even more special. The sentimental value of such an invitation or favor is outstandingly high.

The History of Tea Towels

Tea towels have a rich and beautiful history that involved women creating hand-stitched heirlooms to pass down to their loved ones generation after generation. The towels also became an important part of British tea ceremonies where they were used to keep teapots insulated and hot. Some towels were used to wrap around bread to prevent crumbs from covering fine linens.

Although the tea towel may be a humble cousin of the tablecloth, it certainly had its place among royalty. Ceremonies involving important people saw an increase in the presence of handstitched towels and cloth napkins. Today, a tea towel brings a level of vintage nostalgia and artistic flair needed to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

What Makes Wedding Tea Towels Unique?

Containing artwork and typography, wedding tea towels are worthy of praise in many ways. First and foremost, they're often hand-drawn or letterpressed, making them a unique gift item with an impactful visual appeal. Considered a work of art themselves, the towels aren't something someone tucks away in a drawer and forgets about which is why they work well as wedding invites.

Borrowing elements from antique tea towel design, artists account for composition, color, symmetry, size, readability, and more when coming up with large-scale designs for customers. Careful attention is paid to the positive and negative space ratio, too, so that the overall design is legible and highly effective as both an invitation and trendy gift item.

Today's tea towels are bigger, brighter, and better than ever before. That's why men and women choose to use them for their wedding celebration. It's hard to miss a sizeable tea towel imprinted with details about your relative, friend or co-worker's wedding ceremony and reception information printed on it.

Why Large-Sized Tea Towels?

Large-sized tea towels provide ample space for many details concerning a couple and their big day. It often includes their names on it and tells the story of their engagement or wedding date details. It sometimes includes additional information about the number of years the couple has been together if the tea towels are created to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Tea towels of the past were small and limited to designers. Although prints were bold and beautiful, they weren't as detailed as today's large-sized tea towels. More information, better details, and brighter colors are used to make a tea towel the exceptional work of art that they are this decade.

The advantages of having larger-sized tea towels made means that more information can be included on them. They're attention-getting and display-worthy. The wedding tea towels also offer greater coverage if they're used to dry hands in the kitchen, too.

Benefits of Wedding Tea Towels

There are many benefits that come with ordering tea towels for your wedding. In fact, you may discover additional advantages of your own once your shipment has arrived for your big day. Making considerations about what tea towels do that other types of wedding products don't, helps you feel confident in your decision to hand them out in place of stationery products or other types of wedding party gifts or favors.

Some advantages that tea towels offer include:

★ Longevity. Printed paper products simply don't last as long as other fiber items. If you want to create a personal memento for others to hold onto and enjoy, a tea towel does the trick. It allows you to get the most return on your initial investment, too, because when you factor in how many years the tea towel can be used regularly, you see its value quickly.

★ Creativity. There isn't an announcement as grand as the one you'll make of your engagement and plans to wed as a couple. It's when you pull out all the stops and let the gift works it magic on the recipient. Receiving a beautiful tea towel in the mail or at the reception gives people a sense of excitement. They know it's an extraordinary gift due to the sheer size and weight of it. A piece of cardstock is nothing when compared to cotton, linen or hemp.

★ Sentimental Value. A permanent gift such as a tea towel provides years of happy memories. It's not the type of memento that is stowed away or destroyed and forgotten about. It becomes part of the home and a cherished collection of mementos that your family, friends, and co-workers keep because of their perceived value. They know the amount of effort and money that went into acquiring such a gift so they aren't so quick to put it away where it won't be seen, used or admired.

★ Memorable Imagery. It's not just wedding bells and doves you'll find on tea towels. There are many other images that can be added to your order. For example, a teapot makes an interesting change of pace. It's also relevant considering the name of the towel and its intended usage. Couples can add to the atmosphere they've created for their guests by choosing towels featuring elements from their theme. That could color on the final product, script or traditional text, and images that evoke emotion and remain in the minds of the people who see them and receive the tea towels as a gift.

Tea towels offer incredible benefits which is why you see more brides and grooms ordering and giving them away to their wedding guests. They become part of the décor at the wedding and come in many different themes to fit the rest of the decorations at a reception. You can accomplish two things at once with the towels by giving them as favors and using them to decorate the space you're holding your celebration in.

Uses for Tea Towels

Recipients of your gift can use their oversized tea towels in many ways. The following list of examples is a mere starting point. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to using the functional pieces of kitchen art.

Wedding guests can:

★ Keep leafy green vegetables crisp.

★ Line a bread basket or basket full of baked desserts such as muffins and cookies with a tea towel.

★ Use it to dry dishes.

★ Frame it and have it serve as wall art.

★Use it to carry baked goods to a party.

As you can see, there are many options for you to consider. Your guests won't need much explanation about the value of the gift you've given. They'll see its potential themselves when they envision new uses for the towel you gave them.

Work with a Company That Understands Your Wants and Needs

With new generations, old trends make a comeback. They see the value in what was once kitschy. People who love to spend time in the kitchen, preparing and cooking food, know that a tea towel is an essential part of the room's décor.

If you haven't yet explored the idea of giving wedding tea towels to your guests in place of invitations or wedding favors, now is the time to do so. The trend is hot and the selection you have waiting for you is incredible. You can easily get the tea towels that you hoped for by working with a company who understands your needs and wants to deliver you a high-quality product to give away.

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