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The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America

Stress Free, Easy Wedding Registry Ideas

A wedding gift with flowers.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Whether you’ve been planning your wedding since childhood or you didn’t start thinking about it until after the engagement, planning a wedding is an exciting time for any couple. While the details may seem overwhelming at times, planning your registry shouldn’t be stressful. In fact, planning your registry can be as fun as picking out toys for a Christmas list was when you were a kid. Registries are beneficial for the soon to be a married couple and the wedding guests. For guests, registries take the guesswork out of wedding gift shopping and give them the peace of mind that they are buying something useful and desired. For the couple getting married, they help cut down on the likelihood of receiving multiples of the same item or receiving gifts that they don’t want or need.

Why Have a Wedding Registry?

Wedding registries are a very handy tool for the soon-to-be-married couple as well as the guests buying the gifts. While some guests cherish the process of picking the perfect gift, others find it stressful and like the fact that registries take the guesswork out of gift giving. 

Registries also help prevent duplicates by allowing guests to see which wish list items have already been fulfilled.  

Another perk of wedding registries is that stores will often reward you for registering with them by giving you gifts, coupons, and discounts on remaining registry items. Registries allow guests to know how to help you start your married life by taking care of a few of your practical needs.

Tips for Registering your Wedding Registry

Towels and a gift box.

It is important to be prepared that even the best thought out registry chiseled down to the bare essentials is unlikely to be entirely filled. If you are counting on some of the gifts as necessities you may have to spring for some of them by yourself. However, money is still a popular wedding gift so you might not have to worry too much. You should also be prepared for the likelihood that some guests will still prefer to bring gifts that weren’t on the registry. Don’t stress if you receive gifts you didn’t register for, some people enjoy personally choosing or making gifts.

While you may be able to find everything you want in one store, registering at a few locations will help give guests some options for where to shop. Registering at multiple locations is especially key if your guests are spread out and might not be able to find your preferred store near them. Some guests may not feel comfortable shopping online, so find some popular vendors with plenty of store locations.

It’s also helpful to guests if you pick items with a variety of prices. Not all your guests will have the same budget for gifts. Choose gifts with a wide variety of prices so that every guest can find a gift they can afford. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick some high price items though. 

Some guests want to and are able to purchase some of the “high ticket” gifts. Similarly, some guests may want to chip in to purchase higher priced items on your list as a group effort.

Register before sending out invitations if possible. Guests often look for registry information with the invitations, and including this information will be helpful for those who want to plan ahead for their shopping.

Finding the Best Registry Gifts

The best registry gifts should be pretty straightforward. This should be a fun and practical opportunity for you and your significant other to find some common household items you need. 

While many wedding tasks can be outsourced or divided up, creating a registry is something the couple can (and should) do together. The registry creation process is a great opportunity to work together with your future spouse and to dream of how your future home will be decorated and furnished. You should also try to choose some unique and personalized gift ideas so that guests can choose something that is meaningful to them.

Choose to register quality gifts that will last, and items you will need. Even though it is unlikely that all your gift items will be fulfilled, be sure to register for a variety of gifts so that guests have plenty of options to choose from. It’s also better to err on the side of registering for more gifts instead of risking guests running out of options to choose from. 

Wedding gifts viewed from above.

Wedding Registry Ideas

Wedding registries can be approached in a couple of different ways, but when you register online it is often easiest to go room by room. You could also choose to tackle various price points and select a handful of products in various brackets.

If you know where you will live after the wedding, it is easier to choose gifts to fit the space. If not, choose some essentials that can be used anywhere. Be sure to find a combination of practical necessities and fun accessories and decorations. That way every guest can find the perfect gift.

Personalized Tea Towels are the Perfect Option For the Kitchen 

Sometimes the kitchen is the easiest place to start since you can pick a theme and start filling your registry with practical needs at a variety of price points. For higher price points pick out some quality appliances like blenders and coffee makers. The kitchen offers plenty of lower priced items guests can choose from as well, like silverware pieces and measuring cups. 

While a lot of kitchen gear may not seem very personal, there are still opportunities to put a few gifts on the registry that add unique flair. Personalized tea towels make a thoughtful and personal gift. Tea towels or flour sack towels are a quaint and versatile addition to any kitchen. More than that, there is a longstanding tradition of gifting decorative tea towels to serve as mementos. Guests can get creative with this gift and add their own touch by presenting it as a wall hanging, a wine bottle wrap, or in sets for placemats.

A table of wedding gifts.

For the Living Room

Need an upgraded vacuum? Now is the time to pick one out. Vacuums can be pricey, and putting one on your registry may be a good way to fulfill a need. Living rooms provide a wealth of ideas for small and large gifts including picture frames, table lamps, coffee table decor, and area rugs.

In the Bathrooms

You can never go wrong with new towel sets, and a wedding registry is an ideal place to pick out some cute and durable styles to adorn your bathroom. Many stores will provide a variety of bathroom decor with corresponding themes, so you can pick out soap dispensers, rugs, and shower curtains to match. This is especially helpful for guests who like to package together multiple, related gift registry items.

Consider also selecting some more unique bathroom features like decorative display shelves, jewelry organizers, or stylized vanity mirrors to provide guests with plenty of options. For a distinctly personalized bathroom gift idea consider registering for monogrammed towels or bathrobes.

For the Bedroom

While sheets, duvets, and pillows may be the first things that come to mind when deciding what to register for in a bedroom, don’t forget about decorations. Look for unique and practical additions like mirrors, wall art, throw rugs, and even electronics like smartphone charging stations.

Two folded towels.

For Entertaining

For couples who love to host, there are plenty of fun gift ideas that can fall into this category. Consider registering for everything from board games and karaoke machines to wine decanters and fancy serving platters. Guests who find purchasing routine items to be uninspiring can enjoy searching for a more adventurous gift related to entertainment.

For the Couple Who Already Has it All

If you’ve already stocked up your home with your favorite things and find the idea of new sheets and towels more of a pain than a pleasure, maybe you can think outside of the box with your wedding registry. If you are adventurous, help guests kickstart your married life with a two-person tent or backpacking supplies. For couples who love to travel, luggage is a practical and desirable gift idea. Luggage tags and similar accessories provide lower budget options to fill out your registry.


We hope these registry ideas will help give you a kick start on starting your own list. Have fun and start adding items!

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