Red Flour Sack Towels, Red Tea Towels, Set of 12

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SKU: MKT1001-Red
  • 100% Cotton, comes in as set of 12 in red color
  • A uniform 27" x 27" square, 130 thread count, 3 oz each heavyweight flour sack dish towels and hemmed on all sides
  • A corner loop for convenient storage or hang drying
  • Machine Washable, Tumble dry low

In keeping with popular demand, Mary’s Kitchen offers a flour sack towel in red to satisfy the many requests we have received. Our Red Flour Sack Towel measures 27 x 27-inches made in the traditional diagonal pattern from 130-thread count 100 percent cotton, weighing 3-oz. each. While these heavyweight towels are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, we are thinking they appeal to the special events coordinators and crafters in particular. 

Our red tea towels provide the same thirsty quality and soft-to-the-touch feel that we admit is a big part of what makes people fall in love with these gems. It is the very nature of the flour sack towel that makes them ideal for use in the kitchen, but anyone who enjoys using them quickly finds how they are just as useful in any room in the house, on the patio when cooking outside, in the garage cleaning the gun or polishing the brass, grooming the dog, gardening and the list goes on. Any use that specifically calls for a lint-free, soft cloth is the perfect candidate for the flour sack towel. 

We are excited to offer this red dish towel for several reasons. As a festive tone, it can be used for seasonal occasions. It is a useful addition to the photographer’s prop set and it provides an eye-catching accent when used to display food in a presentation. Servers may drape them over an arm if they suit the event. They can be used in combination with other towels such as white or black. When stacked two-by-two alternating in a stack, they are instantly part of the décor theme. 

Finally, the crafter has many reasons for wanting the red flour sack towel. Stitchery is highlighted when a colored canvas is used. Contrasting or complementary colors make a dynamic statement. While white towels are often used for Redwork, the opposite effect may be achieved using white floss when stitching on this red towel. Painters make use of different colored canvas for effect. Soft sculpture is another outlet for creativity with red towels. 

Customize a set of red flour sack tea towels with our printing services. Choose a monogram or select a song lyric or thoughtful expression to have printed on your towels.  You can screen print, machine or hand embroider your towels. This is especially impressive when choosing to make a personalized gift of a set of red flour sack dish towels. 

As with all other offerings, choose whether you want to order a retail 12-pack or if you want to take advantage of our wholesale pricing schedule where you can also save in getting free shipping. We guarantee your satisfaction with our 100 percent money-back guarantee.