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The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America
The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America

Ultimate DIY Flour Sack Tea Towels Tutorial

DIY With Flour Sack Tea Towels

Flour sack tea towels are useful in a variety of ways. They come with a load of benefits, such as being super absorbent and do not leave any lint behind. Individuals use these towels for cooking, cleaning, and crafting. They are a very durable towel and visually appealing.

DIY Made Easy

Many people choose flour sack towels for crafting because they offer an ideal canvas for a number of projects. They can easily be customized with a name, monogram or logo. This can be accomplished through stamping, embroidery or transfers. The sky is the limit when it comes to crafting with flour sack tea towels.

We are not all crafty, but DIY flour sack tea towel projects can be conducted with ease. Here are some easy instructions on how you can customize your tea towels right at home.

How to Print on Flour Sack Towels? - Printable Tea Towels

You can literally transfer any pattern you like onto a flour sack towel in just a few easy steps.

Here is what you need…

Mary's Kitchen flour sack towels

★ Sharpie

★ Printed design for tracing

Let's get started:

1- Print off your favorite design. You will want to print it on cardstock because it will be a bit easier for you to work with.

2- Before you begin, you will want to wash and dry your towels. If they have a lot of wrinkles you will want to iron them so it does not cause any issues when tracing your design.

3- Place the printed design under the tea towel. Ensure you have it the place that you want it to be. You should be able to easily see the design through the cloth.

4- Use a sharpie to trace the design. You can easily color in the sections that you want, but be careful not to smudge the sharpie before it has a chance to dry. It may be a good idea to take a break and let the sharpy dry between objects.

That’s it. Let your towels dry for a few days before you attempt to wash or use them. This will give the sharpy a chance to dry and settle into the cloth. Once it is completely dry, you can wash them without any worry. They may fade a bit, but that will only add to their rustic charm. Keep this in mind when choosing colors for your design. This is a great project to get your kids involved with!

Fabric Painting

Painting on fabric is simple but very appealing and fun. You can conduct this activity on any type of tea or flour sack towel. You only need a few supplies to get started. The results will leave you feeling like a true artist, as they offer a rustic and vintage appeal that is not found in today's towel market.

Here is what you need…

★ Painters tape

★ Regular brushes (not foam)

★ Flour sack towels

★ Craft acrylic paint

Let's get started:

1- You will want to have a flat surface to work on. Use the tape to mark out your design. Simple and appealing design includes stripes or small words. You will want to line your surface in case the paint bleeds through the towel. A vinyl plastic table cloth, kraft paper or plastic seal wrap will all work nicely.

2- You will want to water down your paint slightly, but make sure it is not too runny. Wipe excess paint off your brush onto a piece of paper. This is known as a dry brush technique.

3- Apply the brush lightly onto the towel without pressing too hard. Do this several times until you reach the desired color for your design.

4- Once you are done painting, you can peel your tape off and repeat the instructions on the other side of the towel.

There you have it…. A beautiful rustic design that cannot be duplicated by any products found on the market. You will want to let your towels dry completely before washing them. Use cold water for washing and dry on normal. The color may fade a bit, but this only adds to the appeal of the design, making it more vintage.  This is a quick and easy project that can be easily done with kids.

Water Color

Water color towels are unique, easily crafted and provides a pop of color for a rather mundane white flour sack cloth. Bring out the inner child in you, and have some fun with color. These towels will transform the look of any room.

Here is what you need…

★ Flour sack dish towels

★ Dye in a few shades

★ Generous amount of water

★ Inexpensive brushes

★ Optional: Soda ash for your water

Let's get started:

1- Fill a large bowl with a large amount of water. If you have access to soda ash water, it will help the dye stick to the fabric better, but you can also use just plain water. Soda ash is just a powder that can be added to plain water. It is designed to make the dye soak into the fabric more efficiently and allow your colors to be more vibrant. You will find this product sold near the dye in the craft section of a store. Made by brands such as Tulip.

2- Place a small amount of dye in a bowl and add a bit of water. Test the color on a dry paper towel. Add dye until you reach the desired color.

3- Wring out your towels, so most of the moisture is gone. Begin painting your dye on them. You can use your big bowl to add more water and blend colors into one another.

4- If you are not using soda ash, you will have to go heavy with the dye. Otherwise, you will only end up with slightly tinted towels.

5- Be creative with your patterns as there are no rules. You can make any design that you like. You may want to wear gloves to keep the dye off of your hands and protect the surface that you are working on.

6- Once you are finished, place the towel in a plastic bag. This will allow the towel to stay moist while the dye sets. Allow it 3 to 5 hours to completely set, and then rinse until the water runs clear. Wash in hot water with no detergent.

That’s it! You will then have a beautiful water color towel. Feel free to use your creativity when it comes to colors and design. You really cannot go wrong!

Gift Possibilities

If you have a special occasion coming up you can easily customize a flour sack tea towel to give as a gift. Here are just some of the gifting possibilities.

1- Baby Shower – You can customize a flour sack towel with the baby's name and it can be utilized as a burp cloth. These towels are super absorbent, and many individuals choose to use them as cloth diapers. They are large in size and all natural, so there are no issues when placed next to a baby’s skin. In addition, these towels can be transformed into swaddling blankets or nursing cover-ups.

2- Weddings – The newly married couple will be lavished with a number of gifts. You want your gift to be special and different. Customizing flour sack towels with the newlywed's last names or using their monograph will be a treasured gift for years to come. They can proudly display these towels in their kitchen or bathroom. Plus, you can pair them with a number of other items to make a special gift basket. In addition, flour sack cloths make great decorative pillows or can be used as a canvas to paint on. These will also make nice additions for a newly married couple to receive.

3- Mother's Day – Mom is so special for a number of reasons. Why not show her how much you love her with a custom made spa basket. Print design on the flour sack towels and pair them with a number of spa items, such as lotions, foot scrub, bath bombs, nail polish, body spray, and body wash. You can theme the basket around her favorite colors and scent. Wrap it in a beautiful basket that can be proudly displayed in her bathroom. The towel can be used to dry her hair or used when giving herself a manicure or pedicure.

4- Father’s Day – For those dads who like to BBQ, the flour sack towel is a welcome gift. These towels are extremely handy when preparing food, as they will not leave any lint behind. Print a catch saying on them to make your dad feel like the master chef he is. He will gladly use them at all his cookouts this summer.

5- Congratulations – Perfect gift for someone who is going away or starting a new adventure. With the ability to print anything on these towels, you will be able to customize them any way you choose. Plus, you will be given the recipient a useful gift that will be used for years to come. Perhaps, you can customize them for someone who is venturing out on a new career or just received a promotion at work. Every time they use their towel, they will remember their humble beginnings of the adventure they are on.

Final Thoughts

There is no wrong time to give a custom flour sack tea towel to a friend or family member. They make amazing customized gifts and can be used in everyday life. If you are looking for a fun project to do with your kids, give the three DIY crafts above a try. You will not be disappointed, as the results will leave you with a unique towel that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or various other places in your home.

There are thousands of other DIY projects you can conduct with these towels, so the sky is the limit. Have fun and be creative when conducting these projects, because the recipient of your gift will cherish them for years to come. Flour sack tea towels are a timeless treasure that is warmly welcomed into everyone's home.

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