Black Flour Sack Towels, Black Tea Towels, Set of 12

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SKU: MKT1001-Black
  • 100% Cotton, comes in a set of 12 in black color
  • A uniform 27" x 27" square, 130 thread count, 3 oz each heavyweight flour sack dish towels and hemmed on all sides
  • A corner loop for convenient storage or hang drying
  • Machine Washable, Tumble dry low

Mary’s Kitchen offers a Black Flour Sack Towel measuring 27 x 27-inches with the same 130-thread count, weighing 3-oz. each in heavyweight material. This gives you the most durable, highest quality towel for multiple uses. While the flour sack towel is chiefly a kitchen towel, this black towel may not be the first one you think of stocking in the kitchen. 

There are times when the black flour sack tea towel is useful. Predominately, this is going to be for presentation. If the chef or host is planning to make a presentation for a meal or in catering that either accents or complements existing décor or a theme, the black towel is essential. Due to the breathability as well as the absorbency of these towels, they are useful as part of food service, whether included as a liner; as a drape for multi-tiered presentations; to keep bread warm; as an under liner, there are many ways the black towel may be useful. 

Our black flour sack dish towel is unique in its appearance. Photographers may make use of it in product shoots. Many materials help to make product shots more appealing to the eye, and a black backdrop or cloth upon which to place products makes the colors pop. It can make shiny elements such as metallic finishes or anything that reflects the light appear to have more luster. 

As a crafting fabric, our black flour sacks provide a wealth of opportunities for those who are adept at making use of materials at hand. Whether creating soft sculptures, as a canvas for painting or stitchery such as embroidery or cross-stitch, for printing, applique or vinyl, there are countless ways to use these rich black flour sack towels. 

These black dish towels match the quality of our standard white flour sack dish towels made of 100 percent cotton in the traditional diagonal pattern. As with our other offerings, you have access to the same customizable options of either silk screen printing, direct printing, machine or hand embroidery. They are machine wash and tumble dry for years of use. 

As with all our products, you have your option to buy in a convenient 12-pack or buy bulk in wholesale. This is convenient for the free shipping aspect, but you may find it the preferred way to purchase when you are placing multiple orders of the 12-packs.