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The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America
The Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Blank and Printed Flour Sack Towels in North America

Unbleached Flour Sack Towels

  • Unbleached Flour Sack Towels, Real Natural Tea Towels, Set of 12
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    Unbleached Flour Sack Towels, Real Natural Tea Towels, Set of 12

    100% Cotton, comes in a set of 12 in natural color A uniform 27" x 27" square, 130 thread count, 3 oz each heavyweight flour sack dish towels and...

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Unbleached Flour Sack Towels

If you want flour sack towels with a more natural look and feel, you need to take a look at our unbleached flour sack towels. These 100% cotton towels are perfect for rustic interior designed kitchens, and they are easy to use, clean, and display. Shop our unbleached towels today to get the traditional look in your home.


Natural, High-Quality Unbleached Towels

Our range of unbleached, natural flour sack tea towels give you the choice of a more natural tone suitable for a decorative theme that is rustic or reminiscent of the farmhouse. At the same time, these food-safe towels are ideal for use in any modern restaurant.

In the kitchen, unbleached flour sack dish towels are ideal for a wide range of activities including canning, straining, poaching, proofing, cheese making and more. There is no match for the flour sack towel before, during and after food preparation. For durability, versatility and total utility, anyone who finds the benefits and advantages of using the flour sack towel quickly becomes a convert and distinctively understands the difference.

Easy to keep, simply toss them into the washer and tumble dry and they are ready to be used again. These towels are so effective for multipurpose use, our customers find they need them throughout the house and garden, garage, workshop, and craft room. There is no better towel for getting a streak-free shine on your windows! 

The unbleached, natural tea towel is heaven sent for the crafter, particularly those who enjoy needle crafts. 


Bulk Order Your Unbleached Towels with our Wholesale Service

These multipurpose unbleached, natural flour sack towels are available in our retail 12-packs or you can choose to order from our wholesale schedule of bulk purchasing. Available in our 27 x 27-inch, 130-thread count, 3-oz. each, heavyweight 100 percent cotton, these towels meet the same high-quality standard as our other offerings. 

You can also take advantage of our bulk pricing if you need to order your unbleached towels from our wholesale service. Our prices are detailed below:



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$2.89 each

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$1.94 each

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$1.84 each

Buy 600

$1.74 each

Buy 1440

$1.64 each

Buy 3000

$1.54 each

Unbleached Flour Sack Towels and More from Mary’s Kitchen Towels

As well as our range of high-quality, versatile unbleached flour sack towels, we also offer a full range of kitchen towels for any style. Whether you are looking for a colored towel, bistro-style striped towels, or a classic white towel to customize, we have whatever you need.

We also stock a wide range of other products including pillowcases and aprons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are unbleached flour sack towels eco-friendly?

Unbleached flour sack towels are incredibly eco-friendly. Our 100% unbleached cotton towels are sourced ethically, priced fairly, and produced responsibly. 

What is so great about flour sack towels?

They are super absorbent and have the ability to dry very fast. Best of all, and one of the biggest bonuses to using a flour sack cloth is the fact that they can clean without leaving behind any lint. This makes them the best choice when drying dishes, hands and countertops.

Can you wash unbleached flour sack towels?

Yes! Unbleached flour sack towels can be washed and dried in the washing machine, making them easy to clean after use.