Unbleached Flour Sack Towels, Natural Tea Towels, Set of 12

$35.88 $23.99

SKU: MKT1001-Natural
  • 100% Cotton, comes in a set of 12 in natural color
  • A uniform 27" x 27" square, 130 thread count, 3 oz each heavyweight flour sack dish towels and hemmed on all sides
  • A corner loop for convenient storage or hang drying
  • Machine Washable, Tumble dry low

Mary’s Kitchen offers flour sack tea towels in various colors. Of the standard towels we offer most commonly purchased for use in the kitchen or in a restaurant, these unbleached, natural flour sack tea towels give you the choice of a more natural tone suitable for a decorative theme that is rustic or reminiscent of the farmhouse. At the same time, these food-safe towels are ideal for use in any modern restaurant. Whether you may be a professional chef or an amateur cook just learning to flex your culinary muscles, you need a high-quality, durable towel in your kitchen. 

These multipurpose unbleached, natural flour sack towels are available in our retail 12-packs or you can choose to order from our wholesale schedule of bulk purchasing. Available in our 27 x 27-inch, 130-thread count, 3-oz. each, heavyweight 100 percent cotton, these towels meet the same high-quality, standard as our other offerings. 

Keeping an adequate volume of these towels on hand allows you to make the most of your rhythm in the kitchen. If it is reaching for that thirsty towel to quickly and efficiently wipe up a spill; to use it for a quick grab of something hot out of the oven; to spot polish the glasses before they hit the table for your guests to see, this is the towel that becomes your right-hand man in all applications. 

Easy to keep, simply toss them into the washer and tumble dry and they are ready to be used again. We pride ourselves on a product that will last through hundreds of washings and help you participate in zero-waste by replacing or severely reducing your use of disposable paper towels. These towels are so effective for multipurpose use, our customers find they need them throughout the house and garden, garage, workshop, and craft room. There is no better towel for getting a streak-free shine on your windows! 

In the kitchen, unbleached flour sack dish towels are ideal for a wide range of activities including canning, straining, poaching, proofing, cheese making and more. There is no match for the flour sack towel before, during and after food preparation. For durability, versatility and total utility, anyone who finds the benefits and advantages of using the flour sack towel quickly becomes a convert and distinctively understands the difference. Perhaps this is the reason why these domestic champions end up giving them as housewarming gifts or continue to find ways to use them to wrap gifts, such as the bottle of wine or that fresh-baked apple pie. 

The unbleached, natural tea towel is heaven sent for the crafter, particularly those who enjoy needle crafts. An old-world appeal gives these unbleached towels “natural” appeal for cross-stitch and embroidery. As always, you have your choice of choosing to purchase our retail pack of 12 towels or buy in bulk from our wholesale list, which saves you the shipping cost, too. You are at no risk to try with our 100 percent money-back guarantee.