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        Flour Sack Towels, Tea Towels, Flour Sack Dish Towels

        Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Blank Towels and Napkins

        Here we have our collection of flour-sack towels. All our towels start out as plain, blank, cotton towels providing you with your choice of non-descriptive utility or you can personalize them. Mary’s Kitchen offers both silk screening and direct-to-garment digital printing to decorate your dish towels with any design you please. 

        In addition to our original bleached white and unbleached off-white vintage tea towels, we offer you the option of getting colored flour sack towels in a festive red, a basic black and a neutral gray. All our selections come in 27 x 27-inch hemmed squares. One variation on size are our plain white flour sack napkins sized 12 x 12-inches, which are available as a set of 24. 

        Our 100% cotton flour sack dish towels are guaranteed lint-free, making them ideal for polishing brass and glass or anything else upon which you expect to see a clean, sparkling shine. They are the go-to towels in the bar or when needing to provide a clean drinking glass or goblet. Heavyweight cotton gives you the most absorbent cloth you can use in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the laundry room, for dog grooming, in the garden, in the garage, on the patio, on the boat, at the pool, in your backpack, in your gym bag or anywhere else you want to polish something or manage moisture or wet surfaces. Easy to maintain, just toss these towels into the washer and tumble dry on low. 

        Given these attributes, Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towels satisfy a multitude of needs on the part of homemakers, chefs of both amateur and professional levels, hospitality workers, servers and catering crews whether operating in catering trucks or in both the front and back of the house. Others who have found our towels a staple in their operations include barbers and hair stylists, flower shops, doughnut shops, bagel shops, coffee shops, tea houses and restaurants. Anywhere you find having a durable, thirsty towel handy, Mary's Kitchen Flour Sack Towels have found their place. We even offer wholesale volume pricing for those who heavily rely on a plentiful supply of our towels. 

        Expect the High-Quality Difference from Mary’s Kitchen Towels

        What you have in a towel from Mary’s Kitchen Towels is our 130-thread count, heavyweight, 100 percent cotton towel answering to the classic, vintage flour sack style of towel that holds a pivotal place in history. Flour sacks from the 1800s were prized and re-purposed by homemakers due to the high-quality cotton used to hold flour, sugar, rice, oats, grains and a host of other loose food stuffs. At a time when getting the most out of what you had on hand was a way of life, it was a natural progression to go from recognizing the value of the cotton in these flour sacks to making use of them in the home. 

        Whether borrowing from or simply carrying over a tradition from the English manor house, using embroidery stitching to decorate the borders of these towels or to create delicate floral patterns and just about any designs that would brighten the home became somewhat of a cottage industry. When food producers and manufacturers learned that their flour sacks were becoming collectors’ items that were being traded, swapped and shared, they got in on the act. Soon, they were printing different motifs, symbols and inspirational ideas on their bags that would make them more valuable for purchase to add to one’s collection. 

        Despite the modern age bringing an end to having your food delivered to the house in sacks, the remnants of the artwork and inspiration from vintage flour sack tea towels remains to this day. If you perform a simple search on artwork for kitchen towels, you quickly discover a world of art fueling the creativity that gives us classic vintage patterns, kitchen towel sayings, country inspirational and farmhouse printables and DIY stencils. You can even see how this artwork has lent to chalkboard art that is making such a comeback in everything from marketing for mercantile shops and restaurants to expressing simple T-shirt designs, yet more collectibles. 

        Blank Tea Towels at Home, at Play, at Work

        Having the tools to allow you to operate at your most efficient also makes work a pleasure. The strong weave in our flour sack tea towels keeps them soft while making them quite the workhorse. Prep work is expedited when you can quickly grab a flour sack kitchen towel to keep you moving and keep up the pace. This is no more important than in a bustling commercial kitchen where every second counts. 

        Our absorbent dish towels are clean and food safe, which also makes them ideal in the kitchen for straining, poaching, proofing or extracting liquid. Placing a dry flour sack towel inside a plastic bag with your lettuce helps keep it fresh and crisp. Using different color towels gives you the chance to enhance your decorating theme when serving food, such as in baskets that hold bread, as a liner for tiered presentation or to wrap a tea service, if you want to serve high tea in the traditional sense. 

        When you experience a proper tea service, you begin to see how well the flour sack tea towel can be used to enhance the moment. Simply undecorated, they give beneficial use. When decorated, the whole experience is lifted to another level. Celebratory napkins and towels adorned in lace or decorated in a style or theme to match the moment provides a festive feel that delivers the unique sense of feeling spoiled that only a tea service can give you. And this opens the door to the world of decorating your blank dish towels. 

        Welcome to the World of Decorating Your Blank Flour Sacks

        The durability of Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towels gives them a long life, which only adds to their value whether you enjoy using them yourself or give them away as gifts. It is hard to resist the desire to see these blank towels as a perfect blank canvas upon which you can create a world of designs, styles or themes. 

        Don’t worry, though, if you either do not have the artistic flair or simply don’t want to mess around with it, we offer silk screening or direct-to-garment digital tea towel printing to customize or personalize your towels with your artwork and logo designs. Advantages for you are that this is an easy and cost-effective process. You can even get a photo image printed on your towels! 

        It is not uncommon for people to quickly discover what great housewarming gifts our towels make with some classic kitchen musings or motifs printed on them. A monogrammed set of towels and napkins are an excellent contribution to the newlywed’s kitchen for creative individualization and the practical purpose of identifying the family name. If you really want to celebrate the new union, create a family crest to print on them! 

        The Various Ways to Decorate and Create Value in a Set of Towels

        Once you start decorating your towels with mottos, kitchen humor, perhaps favorite recipes or farmhouse-style motifs, you soon begin to see how personalizing a set of towels provides you with a viable product that others would certainly want to buy from you. That is the thing with crafting: It’s contagious. While people are enjoying the many ways to exploit their own talents, sharing ideas and always improving on the last ideas, there are plenty of people who want to buy a set or more for themselves and to give as gifts to their own friends and family. 

        By connection, by contact, by simply celebrating your enjoyment of crafting you attract a following. There are so many ways to promote your own materials online where you can reach the whole world of interested customers. Some of the ideas for decorating include not only printing images or text, but also for how you can add color to them. 

        For example, you can stripe your own towels with rubber rings spaced on a rolling pin. You can use colors of graduating depth in tone to create the lovely soft blending of color called ombré. You can do dip-dye ombré, and you can even make tie-dye towels. It does not stop there. There is a host of rubber stamps that provide you with more content ideas, and what you can’t find already made, you can take a simple potato to make your own. Cut it in half and you have a surface into which you can easily carve a subject. The potato half is easy to grasp; therefore, you have a built-in handle. If you concentrate your colors and decorations to one end of the towel leaving most of it blank, they can be used to hang over the oven handle or hung by the handy sewn-in loop to display these colorful accents. 

        Images printed in monochrome give you a classic newsprint appearance. Varying font styles and sizes, centering graphic images, borrowing from the marketing ideas from the original flour sacks, you can create a vintage look for your towels that tell their story. Ideas from which to derive images are nature with flora and fauna; herbs; the farm with livestock such as chickens and cows and the foods they render such as milk and eggs; kitchen gadgets to help make amusing memes; seasonal motifs such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and so much more. 

        Blanks for Embroidery - Blank Flour Sacks Make for Endless Stitchery Crafts

        Considering your blank towels as a rich, soft blank canvas, the temptation to get out the boxes of floss to stitch those vibrant colors into this lovely fabric is almost irresistible. Where to start, that is the question. First, there are countless embroidery patterns you can purchase, obtain for free or you can make your own. Have you ever found yourself engaged in your creative exploits and right away you get people asking if you can do one for them only with a design that means something special to them? The moment you get started creating something of universal appeal, such as embroidered kitchen towels, you will find people interested in your skills. Why not make it pay off for you? 

        With the basic pattern layout, you can stitch anything you want to depict in floss, and embroidery stitches give you the classic style of decorating that the servers and ladies of the manor used in England when this very traditional tea towel got its start. Carrying on the tradition, you can explore crests and symbols, calligraphic monograms, embroidered edges, and decorative trims using lace, plaids, ruffles, pom-pom borders or Ric-rac. You can depict the lovely Sunbonnet Sue and her Scotti dog or classic Redwork used to depict common household items comprised of simple back-stitches or outline stitching, formerly called the Kensington stitch. 

        With our optional colors available, you have even more choices when it comes to matching or complementing existing décor. Stitching in bright floss on a black flour sack towel will really make the stitches vibrant. You can certainly stack your towels in black and white for variation while repeating the same stitchery pattern or you can make each towel its own unique design. You begin to see how you can play with variations for eye appeal and visual interest. 

        Our red flour sack blanks give you the chance to reverse the vintage Redwork concept. Why not use white cotton floss to create your back-stitching? The style is immediately recognizable while you could also alternate with the Redwork on white towels as part of the set. With these ideas, you are just getting started with the many ways you can produce quality towels adorned with hand-stitched work bringing back an era that is reemerging. There is commercial appeal in these creations. 

        The gray flour sack towel gives you a neutral backdrop that does not limit your color choices. When introduced into the home with your current color scheme, the gray acts as a complementary color. It can be made vibrant with the use of a lot of color or in keeping with the monotone approach that works so well with such styles as the chalkboard art. In this method, you use your lettering to vary the detail and provide a sampling of artistic styles in a single message. 

        Fashion Your Flour Sacks into Other Useful Items

        You undoubtedly have seen bottles of wine or whiskey that comes in a sack. With flour-sack towels, you can use the large 27-inch squares to make your own bottle sacks. These rustic sacks can be painted, printed or embroidered with touching or amusing sentiments regarding the item contained inside. Once again, anything that you can do with flour sacks that personalizes a gift makes them immediately cherished and one-of-a-kind. With a simple set of stripes on opposing sides, the flour sack towel can be sewn into a pillow case that complements a rustic home décor theme. In either the bleached or unbleached towels, any color added can be targeted to touch off other elements in the room in which they are used. 

        The Flour Sack Towel Has Found a Happy Home with Crafty Kids

        Among those who have come to count on having plenty of flour sack blanks to perform a variety of crafts with are the Scouts, youth groups, schools and non-profit organizations. These people love having blank flour sack towel supplies on hand from Mary’s Kitchen Towels

        Involving kids in making their own creations at Day Camp keeps children and youth positively engaged. Art Classes in both private or public schools use flour sack blanks to advance their lesson plans and to give students an alternate medium with which to exercise their creativity. Rehabilitation centers are another venue where four sack blanks provide a useful choice of materials with which to use hands and imaginations to create artful crafts. 

        Whether using these towels for branding, as cleaning utensils at a service mission, as a donation to those who need clean linens, to customize them with your troop number, our bulk wholesale pricing allows people to buy a lot of towels for a very low, non-taxable price. With the ideas presented here and those you can come up with for your groups or troops, there is no end to creative projects you can initiate that might produce items to sell for fundraising. 

        At home, your uniquely personalized towels present your family and guests with pleasurable items to use whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. At the farmer’s market or a green cleaning service there is a demand for these thirsty towels that you can use to promote or advertise the brand. In restaurants, having a stack of flour sacks with your logo in supply for use by staff or to provide for those who dine in helps promote your brand. These items are trendy, functional but mostly they are unique. 

        Mary's Kitchen is loaded with information about our flour sack products. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us to learn more or to let us know how we may help you in your selections.