Bringing the Famous Flour Sack Dress Back to the Future

Bringing the Famous Flour Sack Dress Back to the Future

At Mary’s Kitchen, we pride ourselves on living up to the illustrious history of the flour sack towel. It is from humble beginnings that we get these high-quality tea towels that so many people enjoy for so many reasons. 

Choose Flour Sack Towels for Your Next Fundraiser

Choose Flour Sack Towels for Your Next Fundraiser

Are you planning to hold a fundraiser? Are you looking for a good idea of what you might sell in this effort to stoke the coffers while providing a worthwhile and attractive item for your contributors to gain for their donations? 

30+ Unique & Inspiring Flour Sack Tea Towel Craft Ideas

30+ Unique & Inspiring Flour Sack Tea Towel Craft Ideas

Few activities can pull thriftiness and money-saving techniques, creativity and a love of colors, and a nice-looking addition to a home's décor all together like re-purposing a simple staple item found in almost every kitchen in your neighborhood. 

How to Clean & Maintain Flour Sack Dish Towels


Flour sack towels have been used for decades. They can be used for everything from mopping and cooking to general cleaning tasks. Made with 100% cotton, the towels are incredibly absorbent, which makes it easier to soak up liquids and clean a home or office.

What is a Tea Towel? and its Many Uses - Journey through History

tea towels, what is the tea towel

Whether cooking in a domestic kitchen or in a commercial operation with more activity, the kitchen towel is fundamentally utilitarian. As such, both the homemaker and the professional chef find the need for a thirsty, lint-free workhorse of a towel a premium in a fast-paced kitchen.  

Stress Free, Easy Wedding Registry Ideas


Tea towels make a thoughtful and personal gift. Tea towels or flour sack towels are a quaint and versatile addition to any kitchen. More than that, there is a longstanding tradition of gifting decorative tea towels to serve as mementos. 

7 Things You Need for a Kid-Safe Kitchen

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As parents, kids quickly become the center of your universe. They become part of your everyday life in every aspect, and that includes cooking in the kitchen.

How to Print Handwritten Recipes on Tea Towels at Home?

recipe tea towels how to print on tea towels at home

Everyone has those scraps of paper with recipes, written in almost confusing cursive, that date back to what might be the Stone Age. Oftentimes they are thrown away by mistake or even brushed into the trash without a second thought. 

10 Ideas That Will Make Your Kitchen More Parisian

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Paris is not just a city for lovers or the place to find the latest clothing styles. It is also the city to admire for chic kitchen trends. The décor of Paris kitchens prove that less space is more. 

How to Dye Flour Sack Towels in 3 Steps?


The art of dying any sort of fabric is made up of a simple process. Anyone can master the art. Most people only encounter difficulty solely in binding the dye, itself, with a chosen material. Many causes can prevent dye from setting in the fabric.